Thursday, 26 February 2015

Piako Time - Thinking

Today in Piako Time we are working on the Key Competency of Thinking. Our learning intentions today are: Problem solve, thinking creatively and asking good questions. Here are sme photos of us discovering 😀 

Here we are trying to balance the things on the yacht without everything falling off! It is a challenge. 
Here we had to figure out how to use the equipment. We had to think really hard! Now we can create something new and different. 

" I am a shop keeper" said Koen. 

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Creative thinking at its finest!

PBL time- we opted into worships today based on the classic tale of the Rabbit and the Hare. You can see AMAZING race tracks through caves, using varied materials, maze tracks etc. Detailed diagrams of what the finish line would like. Role plays of the whole story etc.

So creative! And relating to others the whole time!

Relating to Others

Sophie told Miss Mac that skew had to put some things back that she was trying to buy at the shop because her credit card declined! You make us smile every day Sophie :)

Piako Time! Relating to Others:

Every 'Fun Friday' our awesome teachers prepare opportunities for us to practice or Key Life Competencies. Here we are playing a game that we needed to take turns, have patience and speak kindly to each other.

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Our problem based Learning

Today we are working really hard to make friends through working in a range of workshops such as: dance it, draw it, read it, construct it and act it. We are learning to make new friends. Here are some photos of us at work. 

Problem bases learning workshops

This week in PBL we are learning about "Making friends." We opted into different workshops - build it, write it, read it, draw it, dance it, act it. Here are some
Of our photos :) 

Opting in and out of workshops 

Quinn, Monty and Issac built a house. They decided that the house needed a kitchen to cook and a toilet so they choose equipment and made them. Great critical thinking boys :)

Sean and Alex creating a safe rocket or teddy to explore the moon.

Alexa and lilly acting out how to be a kind friend 

Molly and Ella writing letters to their friends 

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Welcome to Piako 1's Class Blog! We use this blog to post our amazing work and to listen to learning songs. There are three teachers in Piako 1 - Miss Mac, Mrs Best and Miss Bryant. We are looking forward to an exciting year and to meeting everyone :)